Know About Us

Enhancing people's experience in and around the water

Drishti Ferry operates passenger ferry operations on behalf of the Marmagoa Port Trust. There is no company better to operate Goa's first luxury ferry service than Drishti Cruises and Ferries, a company with strong roots in marine activity, and a company that has always forged new beginnings. Drishti Ferry aims to bring the fun back into travel.

At Drishti, we never accept the obvious. Drishti Marine is pioneering the creation of Marine Tourism infrastructure so it can enrich people's lives and experience of oceans and waterfronts. We do so by working with Governments and communities to provide world-class safety, waste management and other essential services, as well as developing beach and floating infrastructure, destinations and experiences.

Over the years, Drishti has built diversified interests across Real Estate, Marine Tourism, Information Technology and Sustainability.

Never accept the obvious. This is the core mindset that defines our approach to solutions. This simple philosophy has been a key source of positivity, enabling us to look beyond the obvious hurdles and take on challenges.